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A non-profit organization
helping build
a stronger Africa
through better Health Care
and Education
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ALODO ALOMÈ in partnership with OneSight organizes a FREE Eye Care Clinic and Free eye glasses to the populations of Benin. The objective of the clinic is to provide FREE eye exams to over 10000 patients and distribute over 30000 pairs of prescription glasses.
September 6 - 17, 2010 in Ouidah, Benin.


Alodo Alome facilitates the partnership between American sponsors and African communities through programs designed to meet health care needs, provide clean water and support basic education initiatives in Africa.

We are currently working on three projects with our local partners in Africa. The first one, OCVA has been formally launched in December 2006 in Cotonou, BENIN. We are planning for several other projects for 2009-2010.

In January 2009, Constant Somadjagbi, President of Alodo Alome, led a mission trip to BENIN, to monitor and evaluate current projects outlined below.

Our first stop was in Hoky-Lonkly.

On January 10, 2009, accompanied by our partner Caritas-BENIN, we visited the orphans and children victims of AIDS in the village, near the border with Togo.

The next day, we drove up further north to hold the kick-off event of our partnership with the middle school students of Zakpota in the Department of Zou. We also delivered clothes, hats, shoes and backpacks to children in Hoky and Zakpota.

The following week, we visited the children of the Elementary School "Gbecon Houegbo" in the historic city of Abomey. Last October, at the beginning of the school year, 60 students in 5th and 6th grades received schools supplies, uniforms and tuition assistance, donated by Alodo Alome and distributed by our local partner BENIN Emancipation.

Please checkout News & Events and the Photo Gallery for more details.

Care for Orphans & Children Victims of HIV/AIDS (OCVA)
December 2006 - December 2009
  • 100 Orphans in the village of Hoky-Lonkly, BENIN, West Africa
  • Full Support for Health Care & Education
  • Partner: CARITAS - BENIN
School Supplies for Abomey - BENIN (Phase 1: October 4, 2008)
  • 3 Schools in Abomey: "Ecole Primaire Publique de GBECON HOUEGBO, Groupes A, B, C"
  • Total: 200 Pupils
  • Initial Phase: 60 students in 5th and 6th Grades
  • Partner: BENIN Emancipation
  • Establish and grow a strong relationship between the Middle School & High School
Youth in the US and in BENIN, West Africa
  • Phase 1 - December 2008: Collection and shipment of care packages to Africa - clothing, shoes and backpacks
  • Phase 2 - Spring 2009: Financial and material support for the nutrition and health care needs of the Youth in BENIN
  • Beneficiaries: Over 60 students and orphans in rural BENIN
  • Partners:
    • In United States
      • "The Edge" at St. Michael Church in Cary, NC
      • "The Way" at St. Mary Magdalene in Apex, NC
    • In Africa
      • BENIN Emancipation
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